John Deere announces an exclusive agreement to develop autonomous mowing solutions for the golf and sports turf industry with Precision Makers, a Netherlands based company that specializes in autonomous technology for various equipment forms.

“The turf industry is looking for more sustainable operating models to maintain precision turf, and expanding the use of technology will be critical to the future success of turf managers,” says Manny Gan, director global golf, John Deere. “With labor costs and availability becoming an increasing concern, our customers are eager to introduce autonomous equipment into their operation to ensure task completion with excellent results and precision.”

Precision Makers is an affiliate of Dutch Power Company (DPC), which has an ongoing supplier relationship with John Deere.

“John Deere looks forward to working with Precision Makers to bring the best autonomous solution to the precision turf industry to ease labor cost concerns while providing a high quality solution for precision turf applications,” says Gan.